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Full-Stack Component Frameworks

Hat-tip (🎩 💵) to Caleb Porzio for the name, as I asked what to call this idea on Twitter.

Even with the known flaws of modern frameworks its been hard to make an argument that anything is going to replace them in the near future. That is because despite the flaws they are still the easiest way to build interactive UIs, which has become more of a necessity than a nice-to-have in the last 10 years.

Even hoping that we'd go back to progressively enhanced multi-page apps with a dash-of-JavaScript as needed, I realized that the idea we'd simply give up total-interactivity wasn't realistic. Things looked bleak, because the SPA pattern has serious flaws that probably can't be fixed.

I now think that hybrid backend/frontend frameworks such as Phoenix LiveView and Laravel Livewire are that thing. Component-oriented full-stack frameworks.

That's not to say that these specific frameworks will be it. Remember that early SPA frameworks didn't replace server-rendered apps, it was a gradual process and so will this.

But the hybrid frameworks are making the right tradeoffs that I think will have mass appeal. I'm especially bullish on them because they retain the high-interactivity requirements we now expect. In order to overtake the status quo you have to beat it in some ways as well. I think these do that by: